Fourrures Jodoin et Filles | Fourrures Jodoin et filles manteaux
La confection et remodelage de manteaux en fourrures et d'agneau retourné fait partie des services proposés par l’entreprise FOURRURES A JODOIN ET FILLES au Québec.
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In Quebec, with our cold winters, the fur remains indispensable for its comfort and warmth. Fourrure Jodoin offers a collection of Quebecois designer among many others who are abreast of the latest trends. Our use of recycled fur is a good affordable and trendy choice.


Visit our shop and discover our collection of fur, leather, wool, lamb and duvet coats and many more. Depending on your tastes, we can dress your whole family, and for all the seasons. We have several affordable price for recycled fur coats.

We have a wide choice of articles in stores, the photos are just a glimpse of what you can find. Feel free.