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For all your fur needs, we recycle old fur coats, to create trendy jackets and cushions and recycled fur stuffed toys. We will store your fur coat to help preserve it longer.
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Contact Us

Fourrures Jodoin & Filles

Their personalised services produced a well established reputation, and satisfied clients are spreading the good word !

Here are our regular store hours

Sunday: Closed

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 9:30a.m – 5:00p.m.

Wednesday: 9:30a.m – 5:00p.m.

Thursday: 9:30a.m – 5:00p.m.

Friday: 9:30a.m – 5:00p.m.

Saturday: 10:00a.m – 4:00p.m.

* We do NOT buy back used fur coats *

La Prairie

Address : 355, Rue Saint-georges, La Prairie Quebec J5R 2M7

Phone : (450) 659-0883

Thank You, for encouraging a family and local business!