Fourrures Jodoin et Filles | Fourrures Jodoin et filles historique de l'entreprise
Une passion pour la fourrure transmise de génération en génération traduit l'expertise de Fourrures Jodoin et Filles. Vous cherchez des manteaux de fourrures de qualité ou vous voulez remodeler votre vieux manteau? Rendez-vous dans le magasin situé à La Prairie.
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Our History

The passion and knowledge of fur under every angle were transmitted by inheritance to the descendants of Albert Jodoin, the founder. Originally breeder of minks and silver foxes in St-Urbain, it’s only in 1949 that he opened his shop in the family house located in the old La Prairie. In 1975, three of his children, Rolland, Raymonde and Robert, took over a thriving shop. The third generation of Jodoin followed their footsteps in 1999, and Lucie Jodoin became the sole owner in 2002.


Her daughter, Geneviève Jodoin Nadeau, will soon occupy her place, with the mission of getting the fur the honor it really deserves! Fur is ecological and she is determined to reverse the controversy about it.


Mother and daughter, perpetuate the vision of the founder: promote and offer the comfort and aesthetics of fur that has proved to be useful for a long time, and which, in addition, is part of Canada’s heritage.


Fur is not used just for its heat, but we also proudly wear it for its beauty.

Looking for a new style, check out our wide variety of beautiful fur fashion finds!