Fourrures Jodoin et Filles | Fourrures Jodoin et filles services
Confiez vos besoins en remodelage, en recyclage et en entreposage de manteaux en fourrures à l’entreprise FOURRURES A JODOIN ET FILLES sur la Rive-Sud de Montréal.
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Services Offered

You have a coat that no longer suits your needs and tastes? You inherited the coat from your grandmother, and it has long been outdated, but you wish to honor her by wearing it for its sentimental value? It is either too big or too small? Book an appointment with us and it will be a great pleasure for us to give you suggestions as well as a free estimate of the cost of processing. You don’t have to order immediately…but this meeting will most likely entice your interest!


We are now fully aware that natural resources are exhaustible, and that’s why we attach great importance to recycling. Fur has a long life and has a huge potential for remodeling.


The advantage of remodeling is to offer a second life to one’s coat, and at a lower cost than buying a new fur.

The Stages of Remodeling


    Appointement for suggestions and estimate of the cost of remodeling, then we take your measurements for the confection of the pattern

  • 02 TRY-ON & ADJUST

    First try-on, to know your impressions and make alterations if necessary, and choosing the new lining to personalise your coat


    Trying on of the final product and taking possession of your new coat!

There is no need to remodel a coat from A to Z; some alterations may be sufficient to rejuvenate the garment.


Here are some examples of alterations; shorten it, add a detachable hood, make it more adjusted, modify the collar, sleeves, shoulders, or even insert another type of fur…


    • Besides remodeling, accessory confection is also an option to recycle your fur; hats, handbags, gloves, collar, ear muffs, sleeveless vest, cushions, carpets.
    • On-site workshop


    • Is it necessary to store your fur? Yes. A fur can last up to fifty years (depending on the kind of fur) if stored. In storage vaults, the air quality, temperature and humidity are set to ideal conditions for the preservation of fur. If it is not stored, the skin will dry out over time and will consequently be impossible to recycle.Vaults on the spot, proven against fire and theft
    • Storage includes insurance on your fur. The picking and delivery of your coats are free for the storage service.


    • It is recommended to clean one’s fur once a year (depending on the frequency of use) and this, in order to restore its luster and flexibility, and to get rid of calcium stains and dirt accumulated during winter. The cleaning combined with annual storage allows the fur to last longer. Cleaning must be done by a specialist.


    • Your fur coat needs some touch ups to refresh it? We offer you our services for all type of alterations: changing the clip (attaches), shorten the coat, repair signs of wear out, repair teared skins… You have a hood with faux fur? We can change it for real fur, it’s so more beautiful and enhances the appearance of your coat!


    • You have a strong desire to be flamboyant when you go out to the Opera, to the Prom or a wedding? You can rent an accessory or a stole fur for an evening, a weekend or a season.
    • The rental service is available only for articles which are made entirely of fur.