Fourrures Jodoin et Filles | Fourrures Jodoin et filles accueil
Notre expertise en recyclage et remodelage de fourrures nous a permis de communiquer des émotions de génération en génération et ce, depuis 1949. Fourrures Jodoin et filles vous fait découvrir sa passion pour la fourrure et son savoir-faire, à travers des manteaux originaux et stylés.
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Fur Nowadays

Since 1949 and four generations, Fourrures Jodoin shares his passion for a wonderful, natural, comfortable, resistant and recyclable material: fur


We can remodel an old fur coat into a beautiful trendy coat or into  multiple accessories ranging from cushions to teddy bears. We have secured and tempered storage to help preserve your fur coat’s longevity.

You'll find on site a dynamic team, exclusive products and an expertise transmitted over time! Be warned, their passion is contagious!

We have a workshop and storage vault on site.

Fourrures Jodoin et Filles Offers

A shop with a professional and courteous service
Canadian Designers Collection
Exclusive Products & Accessories
Handcraft and Repair workshop
Storing, Cleaning and Renting Fur Stoles

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